Patient Testimonials

Back on the Job

When her orthopedic doctor in Louisiana could not provide relief, Ginni Andersen took her family's advice and called OrthoArkansas.

"I'm so glad I did!"

As an outdoor enthusiast and forestry consultant, Ginni Andersen loves fishing, landscaping, and even alligator hunting. The physical activity took a toll, and tendonitis developed in both elbows. Eventually, even the smallest arm movements caused agonizing pain. Cortisone injections and acupuncture offered temporary relief, but the pain always returned.

"The tendonitis affected my life in every possible way. Everything was hard to do. I couldn't even pick up a coffee cup or brush my hair. Some days, my elbows seemed to hurt if air touched them."

Ginni had an outpatient procedure which used high-energy shock waves to disrupt scar tissue, increase blood flow and promote healing. Ginni underwent the procedure in July 2003 and is quite pleased with the results. "Within 6 weeks, I was seeing definite improvement and by 3 months, I felt fine. I was actually out alligator hunting and caught one on the third month anniversary of treatment. It was great!"

Ginni describes her doctor and the OrthoArkansas staff as conscientious and caring people who are very good at what they do.

"The whole experience was great. I would definitely recommend OrthoArkansas."