Patient Testimonials

A Remarkable Comeback

Playing both tight-end and defensive-end positions, Kallen Lacy was enjoying a strong football season his junior year of high school. But at a mid-season home game in September of that year, Kallen suffered a serious open tibia and fibula fracture.

After being ambulanced off the field and to the hospital in his hometown of Heber Springs, Kallen fell unconscious from the pain. Due to the severity of his fracture, he was given pain medication to keep him awake and flown via MedFlight to the emergency room in Little Rock where he was immediately met by an OrthoArkansas surgeon.

Kallen remembers, "The nurses there told me I was lucky that the OrthoArkansas physician was on duty because he was known to be very good and experienced."

"When I woke up the morning after surgery, my leg had been put back together with a titanium rod and three pins in the tibia. And, the surgeon who did the procedure came by and checked on me each of the three days I was in the hospital. I trusted him completely."

Following his hospital stay in Little Rock, Kallen went through months of physical therapy and many return trips to OrthoArkansas. Determined not to be down for long, he moved quickly from being in a wheelchair to walking with crutches and remarkably—to walking without a boot by Thanksgiving.

"My recovery was really a testimony to what the OrthoArkansas doctors could do and to God for bringing me back so quickly."

Though Kallen's injury meant sitting out of athletics for the remainder of his junior year, he made an impressive comeback the following season, even serving as captain of the football team.

"I was well enough to play sports again—football, basketball, even track—my senior year. I'm so glad I got to finish high school out that way."