Patient Testimonials

Back in the Saddle Again

Veterinarian and National Cutting Horse Association competitor Jerry Singleton felt something tear in his right shoulder during a riding clinic. "I've done it now," he thought. "I went to my family doctor, and he told me to see the physicians at OrthoArkansas because they are the BEST!"

Dr. Singleton's shoulder had been bothering him for more than a year prior to the injury. Ibuprofen, anti-inflammatory medicine, and injections offered temporary relief, but the pain always returned. It affected his ability to ride, as well as his work as a veterinarian.

"Working with animals, especially large animals, I need to use both of my arms. When one of them hurts, there are limitations on what I can do. When I rode horses, I was always aware of the problem and tried to protect my shoulder. I did not feel confident on a horse."

Surgery was recommended .

"The surgery was as smooth as can be. I was very confident the physician could do the job. He explained everything prior to surgery, and I really appreciated his spending a lot of time answering my questions."

Dr. Singleton had surgery in July 2003. He needed physical therapy and had to wear a splint and sling to protect his shoulder for several months. Even so, he was back on his horse by August, and in December 2003, he was riding without arm/shoulder support.

How does he feel now? "Great – 100 percent well!"