Patient Testimonials

Getting Back to Life

When Martha Hunt slipped on a step at her lake cabin last winter, she thought for sure she had broken her hip. Suffering severe back pain, she was unable to do any of her normal activities.

"From the time of the accident, the pain dominated my life. I was feeling pretty down and miserable."

Martha turned to OrthoArkansas for help. There, her physician suggested she try physical therapy and epidural steroid injections before opting for surgery. Although initially resistant to the steroids, Martha recalls...

"By the third injection it was like a miracle had happened. My friends were noticing the difference, I was going to church regularly again, and I wasn't crying at work or limping around. I even went to a Razorback's game!"

Without ever having surgery, Martha completed her initial round of injections and is getting back to the lifestyle she had earlier been forced to abandon. She can now control her pain using only an occasional ibuprofen.

"I feel like life is returning to normal again. I can garden now. And, I can go to the park with my granddaughter and play ball, and jog alongside her bike. She's thrilled to have her grandmother back!"