Patient Testimonials

On Top of the Situation

Fitness-oriented and a lifelong swimmer, Bonnie Badami has always enjoyed being active. So, when she was diagnosed with osteoporosis, she immediately became proactive about managing her condition.

In search for a doctor who could monitor her osteoporosis, Bonnie attended a seminar at a local hospital that was led by an OrthoArkansas physician. Impressed by his level of expertise and his sincerity, Bonnie scheduled an appointment with him.

She says of her first visit, "I had a bone density done at 10:00 one morning, and an appointment with the doctor at 10:45 that same morning. We sat down, and he went over everything with me one-on-one. I even brought in a list of questions about which calcium supplements and vitamins I should be taking, and he answered all of my questions individually."

Bonnie soon saw significant improvements in her condition. And after two years on the medication prescribed by her physician, the bone density levels in her hip improved so considerably that her condition was downgraded from osteoporosis to osteopenia.

"It was very encouraging to see such a significant improvement in my bone densities."

Today an ideal week for Bonnie includes three rounds of swimming, two stretch classes, and two sessions of lifting weights. She says of her treatment plan…

"I feel like my OrthoArkansas doctor and I are on top of the situation. Now I know what I can do to bank my shot, so to speak!"