Patient Testimonials

Swing Dancing

Clark injured his right knee in a fall more than 15 years ago, and arthritis developed. The pain gradually grew worse, but he was able to lead an active life until last year. At that time, he turned to OrthoArkansas for help.

"I just got to the point that the pain was unbearable. Even with injections, I couldn't put any weight on my right knee and wasn't able to do the things I love," he explained. Clark missed swing dancing most of all.

"My desire to get back to dancing was so great. I decided to proceed with surgery." A fellowship trained knee surgeon with OrthoArkansas, performed total knee joint replacement surgery.

The experience was extremely positive. The surgeon listened to Clark's concerns and explained the entire surgical process thoroughly. As a result, there were no surprises. The nurses went above and beyond the normal call of duty to ensure his comfort, Clark says.

Clark's recovery was rapid. Exactly three weeks after surgery, he attended a swing dance. Within three months, he had recovered completely and was enjoying life – and swing dancing – once again.

"I basically went from using a walker to swing dancing within three weeks," Neil Clark said with a smile.