Patient Testimonials

Better Than Ever

Not all serious knee injuries happen on the football field or the ski slopes. Linda Hedden's injury occurred at home when she fell out of her back door and hyper-extended her knee. Already having a history of degenerative arthritis, Linda's fall resulted in cartilage tears in both knees.

As a result of her injury, Linda's favorite hobby—working in her yard—came to a halt.

"I love my yard and enjoy having pretty flowers each season…but due to the pain, it was a chore to even get in and out of a lawn chair."

Upon the recommendation of a dear friend, Linda turned to the staff of OrthoArkansas. There her physician determined that much of her pain could be alleviated with an arthroscopy on both knees. Hopeful, Linda had both of her knees done in the summer of 2004 at the OrthoArkansas Center.

"I tell everyone…from the time you walk through the doors at OrthoArkansas, there's someone greeting you and making you feel like you're the only patient there."

Following her outpatient knee procedure, Linda experienced a recovery so swift and total that it surprised even her.

"I have not walked with a limp since I left the hospital, and I am back to doing my normal things that I wanted to do before and just couldn't."

Today, Linda is enjoying being able to walk without pain and is happily getting back to tending her beautiful yard.

"I feel better than I've probably felt in 15 years!"