Patient Testimonials

On Her Feet Again

In constant pain with bunions on both feet, Amanda Gentry's income as a waitress and her lifestyle as a young, active woman were suffering.

"I work at Sonic, and when I was able to roller skate I would make really good tips. But, when my feet began hurting so badly, I had to sit down and work inside, which really limited the money I could make."

Amanda's foot problems had been a source of frustration for years. "I had always had problems with them, especially during high school, walking across campus and playing softball. The bunions caused constant shooting pain in my feet." Amanda turned to the doctors at OrthoArkansas for help. There, a physician evaluated her condition and recommended they do a bunionectomy, one foot at a time.

"I was very confident that my OrthoArkansas physician could take care of my problem. He was courteous and sensitive in regards to answering my questions and concerns about the surgery itself and the recovery."

After the bunionectomy on her left foot, Amanda noticed immediate improvement.

"By 2 1⁄2 months I had totally recovered and had no problems or pain at all. It's great! My left foot is pain free."

Scheduled to have her right foot done as well, Amanda is excited to know that she will soon be back on her feet again—walking, roller skating, and living life to its fullest.

"I am so excited just knowing that I will soon be without pain in either foot. I am looking forward to wearing cute shoes and heels, something I've not been able to do before!"