Ambulatory Surgery & Interventional Pain Center

We are pleased you have chosen the OrthoArkansas Surgery Center ("OASC") to assist in your care. This facility has met both state and federal licensing standards for quality care and safety; as well as being licensed by the Arkansas Department of Health and certified by Medicare.

OrthoArkansas Surgery Center is specifically designed to perform surgical procedures which do not require an overnight stay.  Your care will be provided by our highly skilled and qualified personnel.  Because we perform only same day surgery, we can provide services that focus specifically on you.

Our quality facility and staff are dedicated to creating a warm, personalized environment for you and your family.  OrthoArkansas Surgery Center will make every effort to assure your surgical visit with us is as pleasant as possible.

Before Surgery

  • Any special lab work or X-rays necessary for your procedure will be arranged by your physician prior to the date of your surgery.
  • If you have an infection, fever or noticeable change in your health since your last office visit, inform your doctor before you arrive at OrthoArkansas.
  • Eat a light supper the day before your surgery.
  • DO NOT eat or drink anything after midnight the day before surgery.  (This includes candy, water, coffee, chewing gum, etc.)  If you eat or drink anything, your surgery will be cancelled and rescheduled.  Prescription medications authorized by your physician may be taken with a small sip of water.
  • Follow all specific instructions given by your physician.
  • If possible, refrain from using any form of tobacco at least 24 hours prior to surgery.

The above guidelines are for general anesthesia cases.  However, if you are scheduled for local anesthesia, these guidelines should also be followed unless otherwise directed by your physician or OrthoArkansas.

For Surgery

  • A family member or friend must accompany you to, and stay with you during your surgery.  You may not drive after surgery.  Public transportation should not be used.  Please limit visitors as waiting room space is limited.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that is easy to change into after surgery.  Depending on the type of surgery, you may be allowed to leave your socks and underpants on during surgery.  For shoulder surgeries, wear a button-up shirt.
  • All valuables should be left at home.
  • Contact lenses may not be worn during surgery.  Please bring your lens case.
  • Children may bring a favorite toy or blanket.
  • Remove all make-up, false eyelashes and fingernail polish.
  • Bring your insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid card with you, even if you have already provided this information by phone.

After Surgery

  • Your condition will be closely monitored by staff professionals.
  • When you can move about, you will be allowed to sit up and visit with a family member or friend.
  • You will remain in Recovery until your physician or anesthesiologist feels you are able to be discharged.

After Discharge

  • Specific instructions prepared by your physician will be sent home with you.
  • In the unlikely event that your physician feels extended care is needed, provisions can be made to arrange overnight care in a local hospital.
  • Someone should stay with you for the first 24 hours after surgery.

For 24 Hours After Your Procedure

  • DO NOT drive or operate machinery.
  • DO NOT drink alcoholic beverages.
  • Closely follow your physician’s instructions after your procedure.
  • If you have any questions about your procedure, please call your personal physician for details.

Insurance & Charges

In preparation for your visit, a representative of OrthoArkansas will call you to verify the information we have received from your physician’s office.  This process only takes a few minutes and helps to serve you better.  Due to new privacy laws, we must speak only to the patient to ask questions regarding medical history, etc., unless the patient is a minor in which case a parent may relay information.  If no contact has been made the day before your surgery, you may contact us at the Surgery Center before 3:00 p.m.

Physician charges as well as facility fees will be collected the day of your surgery.  Charges for anesthesiology and pathology will be billed separately.  Our representative will then call your insurance company to verify benefits and determine deductible and co-insurance amounts.  Following completion of this process, you will be given an estimate of charges based on the procedure(s), which are scheduled by your physician.  The amount you will be required to pay will be based on the information received from your insurance company at the time benefits were verified.

We will submit a claim to your insurance carrier based on the actual procedure(s) performed at the time of surgery.  The performance of additional or fewer procedures than scheduled, could result in a higher or lower total bill.  OrthoArkansas accepts cash, checks and certain credit cards.  Please check with us to verify which credit cards are acceptable.

Thank you for using OrthoArkansas for your upcoming surgery.  Our goal is your satisfaction with our service.  Please feel free to call us at any time regarding your account.


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